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Articles in volume 29a (1975)

Studies on Cobalt(II) Halide Complex Formation. I. A Spectrophotometric Study of the Chloro Cobalt(II) Complexes in Strong Aqueous Chloride Solutions.

Bjerrum, Jannik; Halonin, A. S.; Skibsted, L. H.

Pages: 326-332.

DOI number: 10.3891/acta.chem.scand.29a-0326
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The Oxidation of Thiosulfate by the Tetramminegold(III) Ion in Aqueous Solution.

Nord, Gwyneth; Skibsted, L. H.; Halonin, A. S.

Pages: 505-512.

DOI number: 10.3891/acta.chem.scand.29a-0505
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