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Articles in volume 30b (1976)

The Reaction between Thiophosgene and Hydrazines. Formation of Trithiocarbonates with N,S-Ambident 1,3,4-Thiadiazolines as Intermediates.

Anthoni, Uffe; Dahl, Britta Mynster; Eggert, Hanne; Larsen, Charles; Nielsen, Per Halfdan

Pages: 71-82.

DOI number: 10.3891/acta.chem.scand.30b-0071
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Articles in volume 32a (1978)

13C NMR Chemical Shifts in Donor--Acceptor Systems. A Model for the Alternating Substituent Effect.

Henriksen, Lars; Eggert, Hanne

Pages: 701-703.

DOI number: 10.3891/acta.chem.scand.32a-0701
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Articles in volume 40b (1986)

Determination of the Equilibrium Constant for the Tautomeric 9-Hydroxyanthracene/9-Anthrone System in Aprotic Solvents by a Novel Application of Cyclic Voltammetry.

Almdal, Kristoffer; Eggert, Hanne; Hammerich, Ole

Pages: 230-232.

DOI number: 10.3891/acta.chem.scand.40b-0230
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Kinetic and Mechanistic Aspects of the Application of Diethyl Malonate as Proton Source during Protonation of Anion Radicals in N,N-Dimethylformamide.

Nielsen, Merete Folmer; Porat, Zeev; Eggert, Hanne; Hammerich, Ole

Pages: 652-656.

DOI number: 10.3891/acta.chem.scand.40b-0652
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Articles in volume 45 (1991)

Kinetics and Mechanisms for Protonation of the Anthracene Anion Radical by beta-Dicarbonyl Compounds in Aprotic Solvents.

Nielsen, Merete Folmer; Eggert, Hanne; Hammerich, Ole

Pages: 292-301.

DOI number: 10.3891/acta.chem.scand.45-0292
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Articles in volume 46 (1992)

Photolysis of 1,2,3-Thiadiazole. Formation of Thiirene by Secondary Photolysis of Thioketene.

Larsen, Bjarne Due; Eggert, Hanne; Harrit, Niels; Holm, Arne

Pages: 482-486.

DOI number: 10.3891/acta.chem.scand.46-0482
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