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Articles in volume 7 (1953)

Crystal Structure of trans 1,4Chlorobromocyclohexane.

Hassel, O.; Vihovde, E. Hadler

Pages: 1164-1169.

DOI number: 10.3891/acta.chem.scand.07-1164
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Molecular Structure of Perhydroanthracene, M.P. 90 degrees C.

Bog, S.; Hassel, O.; Vihovde, E. Hadler

Pages: 1308-1309.

DOI number: 10.3891/acta.chem.scand.07-1308
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Articles in volume 8 (1954)

Crystal and Molecular Structure of 1,1,4,4-Tetrachlorocyclohexane.

Hassel, O.; Römming, Chr.; Vihovde, E. Hadler

Pages: 788-794.

DOI number: 10.3891/acta.chem.scand.08-0788
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Structure of some 1,2,3,4-Tetrahalogenocyclohexanes.

Bastiansen, O.; Hassel, O.; Vihovde, E. Hadler

Pages: 1951-1952.

DOI number: 10.3891/acta.chem.scand.08-1951
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