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Articles in volume 17 (1963)

On the Complex Formation of Palladium with Dimethylglyoxime.

Burger, Kálmán; Dyrssen, David

Pages: 1489-1501.

DOI number: 10.3891/acta.chem.scand.17-1489
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Articles in volume 42b (1988)

7-Methylguanine Nucleotides and Their Structural Analogues; Protolytic Equilibria, Complexing with Magnesium(II) Ion and Kinetics for Alkaline Opening of the Imidazole Ring.

Darzynkiewicz, Edward; Labadi, Imre; Haber, Dorota; Burger, Kálmán; Lönnberg, Harri

Pages: 86-92.

DOI number: 10.3891/acta.chem.scand.42b-0086
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