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Articles in volume 2 (1948)

Studies of the Hydrogen Bond. I. Influence of Double Bond on Associates between Ethers and Water.

Ehrenberg, Lars; Fischer, Inga

Pages: 657-668.

DOI number: 10.3891/acta.chem.scand.02-0657
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Studies of the Hydrogen Bond. II. Influence of the Polarizability of the Heteroatom.

Fischer, Inga; Ehrenberg, Lars

Pages: 669-677.

DOI number: 10.3891/acta.chem.scand.02-0669
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Articles in volume 4 (1950)

The Effect of Ortho-Substitution on the Dipole Moments of Aniline Derivatives.

Fischer, Inga

Pages: 1197-1205.

DOI number: 10.3891/acta.chem.scand.04-1197
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The Dipole Moments and the Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra of Xylocaine and Two Related Compounds.

Fischer, Inga; Löfgren, Nils

Pages: 1408-1412.

DOI number: 10.3891/acta.chem.scand.04-1408
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